ds106 106 assignment – picture with text

by jm82temple

(photo was originally from here, full credit to original uploader)

Assignment: This assignment involves simply putting a “famous quote” on top of a picture.  There’s not much else to explain about it really. I deviated from the guidelines slightly

Process: This projected was completed very easily using GIMP’s text tool. I simply used the tool to create the overlying text layers, and chose the appropriate size and color so that the text would stand out properly.

Story: I chose this pair of quotes because they have a very similar meaning. The Japanese proverb reads something like “Get knocked down 7 times, stand up 8”. I also wanted this to be on Jeremy Lin because I don’t know that much about basketball and only played a little in school a long time ago, but I watched this guy play recently and I learned that he had a rough start to his career, so the quotes are more or less relevant to him. Also this guy plays ball like no one has seen.